Wednesday, April 20, 2011

ToI launched ‘Gandhi Gen-Five’ way back in 2009

ToI officially launched Gandhi Gen five from Priyanka - Rehan (7) and Maira (5) during the auspicious occasion of “"canvassing for mamaji" . The new offering from Gandhi family was escorted by an old loyal former pradhan of Chandosi gram sabha Kanhaiya. Even though nation has no doubts about capabilities of any new product from Gandhi Family, ToI quoted Mr. Singh (who also helped Launch Gandhi Gen 4) on their capabilities with an old Awadhi saying,

"Kathi ki bili bhi gungunati hai (even a cat in the house of a katha singer knows how to hum)."

He didnot clarify if it only hums or whether it catches mice also? We guess being Katha Singers cat brings its own benefits.

He also added how Gandhi Gen 5 needs no tutoring

"the two took to meeting people like fish takes to water". . "Gandhi parivar ke bachcho ko bhala kya samjhane ki zaroorat hai (where's the need to train a Gandhi kid),"

Of course, who would disagree. Its all ingrained and preprogrammed into the special genes some may say pedigree. The villagers narrate stories of how one of them used to fly rockets even when he was 10 years old. I am sure it might be an exaggeration but as in case of Katha Singers cat who knows? 

Then ToI explains a days in Little Rehans life. How like a consummate politician, he hit it off with elders by bending down and touching their feet….. of course without any prompting(at least visible) and then parting with a crisp one-liner:

"Rahul mama ko zaroor vote dijiye (please vote for Uncle Rahul)." 

ToI goes on to explain how Rehan wlaked in Dalit dominated area, stopped by an ailing old man and asked, "How are you uncle?" before repeating the all-important message. The children even walked into huts to meet and chat up veiled women who were reluctant to come out in presence of village seniors.

ToI quoted Mummy Priyanka that  they

even provided her with valuable feedback on problems like power cuts facing the constituency

We are not sure if Gandhi Gen 5 asked the million dollar questions “Mummy why do we have power cut even after 60 years of our families glorious rule”

Its a proud day for the nation. The awestruck audience at Amethi watched with their mouths wide open. The Media gathered for witnessing the special occasion has gone hyper with Joy. Its rumored that some of the anchors/ were seen weeping with joy, some even fainted at first sight of Gen 5. There is no truth in usual opposition canard that the degree of fainting/weeping was directly proportional to advertisement revenue from Government of India.

We only hope “Maira” changes her name when traveling to Kerala!! I can only imagine the face of Anthony trying to call the girl by her name………



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  1. ROFL..Desabhimani is going to make double use of it..if 'Maira' comes