Tuesday, June 5, 2012

When Mayawati does its bad, but if Karunanidhi does close your eyes

Hope every one remembers the outrage in media when when her party workers from Karnataka garlanded her with a special garland  made of currency notes worth Rs. 5 crore.Garland made of Rs.1000 notes .

But have you seen any media report on this

The only difference between Mayawati & Karunanidhi is one opposes congress while other is in alliance with them

Monday, June 4, 2012

Case of two feets

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Those who do not know much about the Indian culture and tradition get very baffled when they see people in India touching the feet of others. This is, infact, the commonest Indian gesture and touching someone's feet means the person who is doing the act is showing his respect. 

However, it seems that Indian media has its own definition of this noble act. Depending upon whose feet you are touching your act can be noble or controversial.

Lets first start with feet of congress president Sonia Gandhi.

NDTV in its article Freshers get nervous at swearing-in ceremony writes 
Later, 38-year-old Pradeep Jain, who was hand-picked by Rahul Gandhi, also sought Sonia's blessings before taking oath.
Another media house described it as an act of "respect"

It seems touching of Sonias feet does comply to Indian tradition of taking blessing & paying respect

However, things change when the feet happens to be Baba Ramdevs..

Same NDTV in its article At meeting, BJP President Nitin Gadkari touches Baba Ramdev's feet writes
In a move that is likely to create some controversy, Mr Gadkari touched Baba Ramdev's feet in a sign of respect. 
"Our culture is that when there is a sanyasi, we seek his blessings. I touched his feet according to Indian culture, " said the BJP President defending his action.
So NDTV thinks Nitin Gadkari touching Baba Ramdevs feet is "controversial"  & BJP president had to "defend" himself for the act.

 Interesting to note how same act can have different interpretations.

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