Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Ms Ruby, NDTV 24X7’s Letter to Yogesh Sheetal, protestor at India Gate

Yogesh Sheetal has published letter Mr Pradhan has received from Ruby Dhingra

मिस्टर प्रधान को मिस रूबी द्वारा लिखित निजी पत्र

Media Watch’s take on the letter

1. It is still not clear if this is an official letter from NDTV or a personal letter from Ruby as its not issued on NDTV letter head(Assuming this is actual scanned copy)

2. We are also surprised Ms. Ruby decided to directly communicate instead of  communicating thru lawyers which is usual practice in such cases

3. We are are also surprised to realise that Ruby inspite of being assaulted (allegedly) has not yet filed a police complaint yet. Neither there is any indication of her visiting a doctor.

4. Media Watch is glad that NDTV has recognized Yogeshs right to protest. 

5. Media Watch is confused what Ms Ruby would like to achieve from this letter. She has not requested any action from IIMC. Neither has she demanded an apology from Yogesh. 

6. Lastly, it is important to understand that NDTV has not yet reported this incident as a news.

Media Watch believes that this is a personal letter from Ms Ruby to Mr Pradhan (Professor of Yogesh). The objective of this letter is merely to inform.

Based on above understanding we have now changed our headline


  1. Dear Ms Dhingra,

    For the cowardice that a news channel like like your show, you are scared to put up the entire event on your site. This is the first time a news channel is censoring some news even if it involves its reputation.

    You really suck.

    It is now very difficult for me and for many like me to know for sure whether your channel is showing news or propoganda.

  2. Go ahead and file a case against the guy. open challenge. if you have any integrity left, do it.

    All your lies will come out in the open. The fact is no such event happened. You are plain lying.

  3. Dear Ms Dhingra,
    All these are just a proof about how ur star journalist is is slowing turning from an asset to liability. You still have time to smell the coffee,else it would be too late.

  4. As reports say, this event at India Gate was to celebrate victory for Anna's campaign, which NDTV tried to hijack for its ‘We the people’ show. So there were other journalists and TV crew members from other channels. No one testified in defense of Ruby. NDTV too would have had more than one camera person at the venue and this programme was aso live. That sum of all the NDTV cameramen would have forgotten to record this alleged assault, defies the logic.

    As someone has said, this ‘assault’ incidence is also first of its kind, which was not reported by media across the board. Not even by news agencies like PTI/UNI. As is the common practice, whenever a media person is attacked, the whole community across the landscape would go to town with banner headlines. Strange not even NDTV has decided to repot this event. Mail Today carried a single column news item on it without naming the person, but it does say only this much that the anchor of the show was booed away from India Gage.

    The video footage to this protest on U tube shows, there were a dozen others protesting and disrupting the show. But why has Ms. Ruby named only Sheetal as the sole person responsible for the disruption?

    Barkha tweet about this incidence. All that she says is this boy ‘tried’ to hit her. And Ruby says that he had indeed hit her! Who to believe?

  5. There is another catch here.

    Apart from there being no letterhead, there is also no signature of this woman - Ruby.
    The only reason can be that Ruby tomorrow may deny the letter itself.

    Gem of a woman. (Pun intended)

  6. the thing to ask Mr. Pradhan would be as to on what grounds he has issued show cause notice to his student. did the incident take place in his institution's campus. If not who is he to control Yogesh's personal life. if he has committed a misdemeanor then the police should look into it. what right does Mr. Pradhan have to issue a SCN. is there something more to Mr. Pradhan's conduct than meets the eye.

  7. NDTV will be taught appropriate lesson of lifetime if Ruby Dhingra goes ahead will her so-called complaint.Meanwhile advertising agencies and media planners should also take serious note and they should also desist NDTV.

  8. if One is hep and cool attiutude and blast off a few English words...They are treated well and recognized . Give one example who is from a Middle class or LIG Class. Too Bad. It sucks this way