Tuesday, June 5, 2012

When Mayawati does its bad, but if Karunanidhi does close your eyes

Hope every one remembers the outrage in media when when her party workers from Karnataka garlanded her with a special garland  made of currency notes worth Rs. 5 crore.Garland made of Rs.1000 notes .

But have you seen any media report on this

The only difference between Mayawati & Karunanidhi is one opposes congress while other is in alliance with them

Monday, June 4, 2012

Case of two feets

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Those who do not know much about the Indian culture and tradition get very baffled when they see people in India touching the feet of others. This is, infact, the commonest Indian gesture and touching someone's feet means the person who is doing the act is showing his respect. 

However, it seems that Indian media has its own definition of this noble act. Depending upon whose feet you are touching your act can be noble or controversial.

Lets first start with feet of congress president Sonia Gandhi.

NDTV in its article Freshers get nervous at swearing-in ceremony writes 
Later, 38-year-old Pradeep Jain, who was hand-picked by Rahul Gandhi, also sought Sonia's blessings before taking oath.
Another media house described it as an act of "respect"

It seems touching of Sonias feet does comply to Indian tradition of taking blessing & paying respect

However, things change when the feet happens to be Baba Ramdevs..

Same NDTV in its article At meeting, BJP President Nitin Gadkari touches Baba Ramdev's feet writes
In a move that is likely to create some controversy, Mr Gadkari touched Baba Ramdev's feet in a sign of respect. 
"Our culture is that when there is a sanyasi, we seek his blessings. I touched his feet according to Indian culture, " said the BJP President defending his action.
So NDTV thinks Nitin Gadkari touching Baba Ramdevs feet is "controversial"  & BJP president had to "defend" himself for the act.

 Interesting to note how same act can have different interpretations.

TOI wants to know which cricketer has best Butt!

Will you get fired for watching porn, if you are caught reading home page of Times of India

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Is NDTV Coca Cola Campaign good CSR?

NDTV is running a Coca Cola NDTV campaign. NDTV states the purpose of  this campaign as

In keeping with the NDTV philosophy of promoting critical issues, NDTV in partnership with Coca-Cola India, CAF & UN-Habitat launched the SUPPORT MY SCHOOL campaign on the 24th of January, 2011. This is a nationwide attempt to create Awareness on Water and Sanitation, Environment, Healthy Active Living. 

The stated purpose of the campaign is Noble indeed but Media Watch is concerned about long term effect of such campaigns of young Children

Harmful effects of carbonated softdrinks is well documented. This is what Wikipedia states

most nutritionists advise that Coca-Cola and other soft drinks can be harmful if consumed excessively, particularly to young children whose soft drink consumption competes with, rather than complements, a balanced diet. Studies have shown that regular soft drink users have a lower intake of calcium, magnesium,ascorbic acid, riboflavin, and vitamin A.[78] The drink has also aroused criticism for its use of caffeine, which can cause physical dependence.[79] A link has been shown between long-term regular cola intake and osteoporosis in older women (but not men).[80] This was thought to be due to the presence of phosphoric acid, and the risk was found to be same for caffeinated and noncaffeinated colas, as well as the same for diet and sugared colas.


As part of the campaign, Depicted on the school building itself is a giant poster that identifies Coca-Cola as the sponsor of this campaign. 



Does this not constitute advertising of Coca-cola to young children? Is it not responsibility of corporates who run such campaigns to educated the young Kids on harmful effects of such drinks?

It is interesting to note that CSR policy of coca cola states

We have a global Responsible Marketing Policy that covers all our beverages, and we do not market any products directly to children under 12. This means we will not buy advertising directly targeted at audiences that are more than 35% children under 12. Our policy applies to television, radio, and print, and, where data is available, to the Internet and mobile phones.

In 2010, we evolved our global Responsible Marketing Policy and redefined the appropriate audience threshold for children's programming from audiences that are more than 50% children younger than 12 years of age to audiences that are more than 35% children younger than 12. This means we will not buy advertising directly targeted at audiences that are more than 35% children younger than 12. Our policy applies to all of our beverages and the media outlets we use, including television, radio and print and, where data is available, Internet and mobile phones.

NDTV should clarify on whether it has taken precautions to educate young children on harmful effects of consumption of softdrinks such as coca cola?

Also, NDTV should clarify whether this campaign is in compliance with stated CSR policy of Coca Cola?

Friday, September 16, 2011

So called Congress Apology for 1984 Sikh riots

One has to give it to Media for their relentless pursuit to crucify Modi.

After Supreme Court refrained from passing any order on a petition seeking Narendra Modi's prosecution for the 2002 riot, Gujarat riot cottage industry has lost all legal grounds to vilify Modi. Having lost Legal ground, now they have started a new line of argument which hinges on Moral ground. And often quoted example is congress apology to Sikhs for 1984 riot.

It is important, we understand what did PM Manmohan Singh actually said and what he did not say 

The so called apology came during an intervention in a discussion on an Opposition-sponsored motion in Rajya Sabha on the Nanavati Commission's report. Manmohan Singh said on 11 August 2005 (21 years after actual incident). 

I have no hesitation  in  apologizing not only to the Sikh  community but the whole Indian nation because what  took place  in 1984 is the negation of the concept of nationhood and what enshrined in our Constitution. So, I am not standing on any false prestige. On behalf of our Government, on behalf of the entire people of this country, I bow my head in shame that such thing took place.

 I can only conclude by saying that all of us should ask forgiveness of those who have suffered in this tragedy.

So lets try to decipher what he actually said. Initially, He says

I have no hesitation in apologizing”

Is PM Manmohan Singh asking forgiveness on personal capacity or as PM of the country? In any case, he was not the one who led or motivated the Sikh riots. It was then congress PM Rajiv Gandhi who gave moral ground by saying "When a giant tree falls, the earth below shakes" and It was congress top leaders Jagdish Tytler, Dharam Das Shastri, Sajjan Kumar who practically led the riots from front.

So it is Congress leadership and not Manmohan Singh who should have apologized. Nothing in the statement indicates remorse on part of Congress leadership. Actually, if anything actually Manmohan Singh defends congress in later part of the speech. He says

The Report is before us, and one thing it conclusively states is that there is no evidence, whatsoever, against the top leadership of the Congress Party. That lie, which has over the last 21 years been used to poison the minds of the Sikh youth, stands nailed conclusively.

It really takes a stretch of imagination to say Jagdish Tytler & Sajjan Kumar were not among top leadership of congress. As if this is not enough he actually calls Jagdish Tytler one of perpetuators of crime who was named by Nanwati commission - "a valued colleague”

One of my colleagues, a valued colleague, has  tendered his resignation.

Then PM continues to say

On behalf of our Government, on behalf of the entire people of this country, I bow my head in shame that such thing took place.

No sane person will justify loss of innocent life. Be it congress or BJP and when such a thing happens we all should hang our head in shame “that such thing took place”

Even in case of Gujarat riot, Then PM Vajpayee tallest leader of BJP himself expressed anguish that ‘such a thing happened’. He had said

On the Gujarat riots, the Prime Minister said he condemned them from day one. However, he had said that the riots could not be seen in isolation from the Godhra train massacre.

"When I saw the relief camps in Ahmedabad , I had not realised the gravity of the manner in which Hindus had been burnt alive in Godhra. I first thought this was just another riot, but I realised just what had sparked it off. I do not justify what happened in Gujarat, (but) what happened in Godhra was wrong. What happened post-Godhra was also wrong,"

Finally PM concludes by saying

I can only conclude by saying that all of us should ask forgiveness of those who have suffered in this tragedy.

No Mr. PM please don’t make common citizens of India who stood shoulder to shoulder with Sikhs brothers partner in congress crime. We were protecting Sikhs when mobs led by congress leaders were hounding them.

Following is text of his actual speech

Manmohan Singhs so called Apology

Friday, April 29, 2011

IE manufactures nonexistent Sangh ‘divisions’ on the issue of endosulfan

IE in its article Sangh Parivar stands divided on ‘swadeshi’ endosulfan reports

contrary to the party’s official view that it should be banned — the Swadeshi Jagran Manch has now opposed the countrywide ban on endosulfan.

IE also reports that Swadeshi Jagran Manch wrote that

“In the past, it was observed that lot of foreign funds were being used for imposing ban on manufacturing and use of endosulfan, where the motives are different and against the interests of the Indian farmers,”

Media Watch checked with Sri Gurumurthy co-convenor of the Swadeshi Jagaran Manch and we were informed that SJM is of the view that Endosulfan should be banned. Following is the letter which was written to PM


IE also quotes recommendation of a committee appointed by Gujarat Government. Media Watch fails to understand how can recommendation of a committee be taken as difference of views within Sangh Parivar? Is IE saying that BJP government should have influenced the committee to give a report which rhymes with BJP’s views?

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

ToI launched ‘Gandhi Gen-Five’ way back in 2009

ToI officially launched Gandhi Gen five from Priyanka - Rehan (7) and Maira (5) during the auspicious occasion of “"canvassing for mamaji" . The new offering from Gandhi family was escorted by an old loyal former pradhan of Chandosi gram sabha Kanhaiya. Even though nation has no doubts about capabilities of any new product from Gandhi Family, ToI quoted Mr. Singh (who also helped Launch Gandhi Gen 4) on their capabilities with an old Awadhi saying,

"Kathi ki bili bhi gungunati hai (even a cat in the house of a katha singer knows how to hum)."

He didnot clarify if it only hums or whether it catches mice also? We guess being Katha Singers cat brings its own benefits.

He also added how Gandhi Gen 5 needs no tutoring

"the two took to meeting people like fish takes to water". . "Gandhi parivar ke bachcho ko bhala kya samjhane ki zaroorat hai (where's the need to train a Gandhi kid),"

Of course, who would disagree. Its all ingrained and preprogrammed into the special genes some may say pedigree. The villagers narrate stories of how one of them used to fly rockets even when he was 10 years old. I am sure it might be an exaggeration but as in case of Katha Singers cat who knows? 

Then ToI explains a days in Little Rehans life. How like a consummate politician, he hit it off with elders by bending down and touching their feet….. of course without any prompting(at least visible) and then parting with a crisp one-liner:

"Rahul mama ko zaroor vote dijiye (please vote for Uncle Rahul)." 

ToI goes on to explain how Rehan wlaked in Dalit dominated area, stopped by an ailing old man and asked, "How are you uncle?" before repeating the all-important message. The children even walked into huts to meet and chat up veiled women who were reluctant to come out in presence of village seniors.

ToI quoted Mummy Priyanka that  they

even provided her with valuable feedback on problems like power cuts facing the constituency

We are not sure if Gandhi Gen 5 asked the million dollar questions “Mummy why do we have power cut even after 60 years of our families glorious rule”

Its a proud day for the nation. The awestruck audience at Amethi watched with their mouths wide open. The Media gathered for witnessing the special occasion has gone hyper with Joy. Its rumored that some of the anchors/ were seen weeping with joy, some even fainted at first sight of Gen 5. There is no truth in usual opposition canard that the degree of fainting/weeping was directly proportional to advertisement revenue from Government of India.

We only hope “Maira” changes her name when traveling to Kerala!! I can only imagine the face of Anthony trying to call the girl by her name………