Sunday, April 10, 2011

Barkha Dutt, Group Editor, English News reaction to protest at India Gate

This is continuation to our earlier blog Anger against Indian Media boils over at India Gate. When twitterati asked Barkha about her reaction, following is what she tweeted


Barkha is within her rights to believe that the people who were involved in protest were “Lumpens and rowdies

Media Watch would like to understand from Barkha Dutt following -

1. In her opinion were all the protestors at India Gate Lumpens and Rowdies or only the people who protested against NDTV were lumpen and rowdies?

2. NDTV in its reports prominently mentioned the protestors also booed and protested against Uma Bharati. And to the best of knowledge of author NDTV did not classify those protestors as lumpen and rowdies. How is this different from the protest against NDTV?

3. If the people involved in this incident were Lumpens and Rowdies. Has NDTV registered a FIR against them

4. According to your tweet “they punched the show producer” which is a very serious allegation. Has NDTV registered a FIR against the people who were involved in this assault?

5. It is well accepted practice that Media reports to nation any incident involving physical attack on its employees. Also, we would like to understand why has NDTV not yet carried this news item? wont it help expose these so called “Lumpens and Rowdies”.

6. We are a bit confused by conflicting claims in two different tweets.

You tweeted to @amishra77 mentions

@amishra77 yes they punched the show producer. Abhorrent behaviour. We shifted camera and resumed show.

This was again reconfirmed in a subsequent tweet

@StealthPwr @primary_red really? The female producer was hit in the face. The men were assaulted. Lumpenism. 

However, your tweet to @sonaliranade says

@sonaliranade at india gate a group of vandals tried to hit one of our show producers. The so called civility of discourse ! Abhorrent 

In your first tweet you have confirmed a physical attack while the second indicates an attempt. Could you please clarify which one is the truth?



  1. "NDTV वाले मुझे झूठे केस में फंसा सकते हैं" : Yogesh Kumar Sheetal

    The man who shouted slogan against Barkha was threatened by NDTV, harassed by police & NDTV team falsely implicated him in a case. Read his true story & lets support him else he might become one more Kunte!

  2. i m hearing that he is now arrested.

  3. Hi,

    Let us know the current status? If he has indeed been arrested, we the tweeple will turn up in 1000s and protest before the NDTV office.

    Will show to the world the real face of this crooked media!!

  4. The latest update is that Yogesh has been served legal notice from IIMC. Below is the tweet which he sent. Can someone pls help him?

    "YKSHEETAL: I need a legal adviser urgent. I got a notice from IIMC. Plz call on 9891070838."

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