Friday, April 8, 2011

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ED wants to question Pondicherry LG, NDTV tells only half the story

NDTV reports Hasan Ali case: Enforcement Directorate wants to question Pondicherry Lieutenant Governor, say sources

The Enforcement Directorate (ED) reportedly wants to question Pondicherry Lieutenant Governor, Dr. Iqbal Singh, in Hasan Ali case.

It is strange that NDTV forgets to mention that Pondicerry LG Dr. Iqbal Singh is a senior congress leader also. Wiki reports Dr. Iqbal Singh has the distinction of holding several significant positions in the Indian National Congress, including Secretary, All India Congress Committee for 12 continuous years and is a permanent member of Congress Working Committee.


Has Band of faithful in media started “Protect Sonia” campaign?

Anna’s movement is gaining momentum, congress is increasingly getting isolated. Now is the time you can expect articles and news in media intended to protect two key stakeholders in the ruling establishment – Sonia Gandhi and Rahul Gandhi

ToI article Lokpal Bill: Govt bows to janata mantra as Sonia Gandhi too backs Anna Hazare's crusade makes no attempt to hide their intentions. They report

Three days after Anna Hazare began fasting to demand civil society's participation in drafting the Lokpal Bill — which will provide for a mechanism to check government corruption — a ringing endorsement by Congress chief Sonia Gandhi has pushed the government into a corner

So ToI wants us to believe that Sonia Gandhi’s selected (NOT ELECTED) prime minister and government made of her own party members is not listening to her so and she has to push them into corner by endorsing Anna Hazares movement!!

As if this was not enough ToI article yesterday read Sonia Gandhi pleads but Anna Hazare doesn't give up as talks fail. The headline gives an impression that Anna is arrogant in his demand while sonia is “pleading”

NDTV homepage report Thank you Sonia, but please do more, says Anna Hazare and the accompanying picture is also noteworthy. Sonia Gandhi may not have visited Anna Hazare… but then why should she when photoshop can do wonders. We guess Larger size Sonia behind Anna pondering is just coincidental.

Hindustan Times in its article Hazare has Sonia's vote reports

Following calls for her intervention, Congress president Sonia Gandhi on Thursday appealed to Anna Hazare to end his fast, demanding a joint committee to draft a strong Lokpal Bill. As support for the anti-corruption crusader grew across the country, Gandhi stepped in and issued a statement, saying she was pained by Hazare's indefinite fast.

What ever Media may want us to believe the fact of the day is Sonia is presiding over a party which has given us Indias most corrupt government in India. and if Sonia Really wanted Annas Hunger Strike would not have reached 4th day





Thursday, April 7, 2011

NDTV loves photoshop


Sonia Gandhi may not have visited Anna Hazare… but then why should she when photoshop can do wonders…..

We guess Larger size Sonia behind Anna pondering is just coincidental

NDTV goes Gaga over Afridis statement

NDTV Reports Now Afridi opens his heart, praises Dhoni

"I thought Dhoni led the Indians very shrewdly and performed brilliantly in the final. India is lucky to have a stable captain like him,

Media Watch would like to understand from NDTV which part of body Afridi may have opened while making following comments as it is certain he cannot speak both from heart.

In my opinion, if I have to tell the truth, they (Indians) will never have hearts like Muslims and Pakistanis. I don't think they have the large and clean hearts that Allah has given us. It is a very difficult thing for us to live with them (Indians) or to have long-term relationship with them. Nothing will come out of talks. See how many times in the past 60 years we have had friendship and then how many times things have gone bad


Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Anna Hazare - The rise of Aam Admi for the Aam Admi

In normal circumstances, we donot write retort to posts published by fellow bloggers. But these are not ordinary times and Media Watch believes that Anna Hazare's Indefinite hunger strike is an issue of national importance.  We think it is important that we counter and nip at bud the negative arguments being raised by fellow bloggers at offstumped and other "national interest" think tanks.

Few weeks back, I ended up in front of the big screen to see this much anticipated animation movie called Rango.  Its about an ordinary chameleon who accidentally winds up in the town of Dirt, a lawless outpost in the Wild West in desperate need of a new sheriff. With a little bit of luck, Rango becomes sheriff and last hope for citizens of dirt. Even though the movie didnot live up to expectations, One of several memorable quotes in the movie was

You see them, Mr Rango? All my friends and neighbors. It’s a hard life here. Very hard. Do you know how they make it through each and everyday? They believe. They believe it’s going to be better. The believe that the water will come. They believe against all odds and evidence that tomorrow will be better than today. [he opens a wooden box which contains Sheriff badges] People have to believe in something. Right now, they believe in you.

Town of Dirt throws their full weight behind Rango in the end restoring sanity in the town.

There are many parallels between the plot of Rango and the current social environment in India. India today is facing an unprecedented situation which is no different from the situation in  Dirt. Corruption is eating into every foundation and fabric of society be it legislators, press, Judiciary or police no one is immune. Perhaps for first time in history of India corruption is not measured in lakhs and crores but in percentage of GDP.(At last count it stood at 4% of India GDP). Public furore over recent scams indicate that as a nation we are starting to realize that eradicating corruption must be one of the priorities. But inspite of heightened awareness one cant help but despair when prime minister of the nation who is expected to lead this fight against corruption tries to justify corruption as a compromise need to be made in coalition government.  

Situation has come to such a head that normal piecemeal measures will not solve this deluge. Rhetoric calling for structural changes or institutions which can produce 100 clean politicians, 1000 bureaucrats etc will also not work. As all of these depends on good intentions of ruling class. How can we rest our hope on a Government which appoints people of questionable characters as Central Vigilance commissioner and as head of GoM formulating proposed anti-corruption bill, effectively handing the house to thieves.

This is also not a fight which can be won by a few good men or women. Instead of breast-beating over the sorry state of affairs, the Aam Admi  must rise in anger and get actively involved in rooting out the corruption. He has to fight and agitate to effect paradigm changes in the system what ever it may be. Its amusing some people raising concern on mode of agitation being used by Anna.  This country was born from satyagrahas of Mahtma Gandhi. We used same methods to fight emergency declared by congress government. This whole canard about "subversion of democracy' due to Anna Hazare's fast is merely a red herring by some armchair theorists who stands to benefit from current states of affairs. An abnormal reaction is required for abnormal situation. Need of hour is our own Jasmine revolution against corruption. one can't make an omelets without breaking eggs. 

Changes in any form and shape is welcome as it will only strengthen the fight & resolve against corruption. Change can be in form a Jan Lokpal bill. Yes you may argue on draft of the proposed Jan lokpal bill but it is still a step forward in right direction. If one had waited for a  perfect bill we would not have even got our constitution considering the fact we have effected 94 amendments to the Constitution of India in last 60 years! The important fact is it atleast demonstrates seriousness of our intentions to fight corruption head-on. In a country which thrives on symbolism, demonstration of intention is sometimes enough to bring positive changes. Change can even be hardening of  public resolve against corruption. History littered with examples when mass agitations have changed the way how society responds to a certain issue.

Unfortunately, for common man to rise he need to believe.... He needs to believe in the possibility of a better tomorrow... He need to believe in a selfless leader who will show them the path. In other words if town of Dirt needed a Rango with sheriff badge, India needs Anna Hazare to believe it. And if one were to follow the chatter in social media or mass outpouring of support we can be certain that Anna has caught the imagination of the mass. India it seems has finally found a savior who would lead them in a do or die battle against corruption

This is not the moment to ponder and reflect. This is moment of action not to be missed at any cost. Citizen of India has to ignore & isolate the asuras who will sow seeds of doubt in your mind. Every Indian has to come forward and immerse themselves to the fight against corruption. If not the future generation will never forgive us

Vande Matram

Monday, April 4, 2011

So once more NDTV why SRK missed the final?

Earlier in the month, NDTV informed us that SRK suffered a hairline toe fracture while shooting, which has stopped him from cheering for the Boys in Blue at Wankhede stadium. 

Wondering why Shah Rukh Khan  and family aren't cheering for Team India, as promised? Here's why! We hear that SRK yesterday suffered a hairline toe fracture while shooting, which has stopped him from cheering for the Boys in Blue at Wankhede stadium.
Shah Rukh, who watched the semi-final with friends Farhan Akhtar, Karan Johar, Hrithik and Suzzanne Roshan at his home 'Mannat', had expressed a desire to catch the final match at the stadium with wife Gauri and kids Suhana and Aryan.
"We will win the final also. Inshallah! The kids want to go and see. So I have to go there and watch the finals," Shah Rukh had declared after India's win over Pakistan.
But alas, his dream remained a dream. Never mind, he can always cheer his heart out in the comfort of his home.

Fair Enough perfectly valid argument.

But then it gets confusing when one sees this picture of SRK celebrating on the streets, waving the Indian flag (upside down). Fracture prevented him to go to wankede stadium but didnt prevent him from celebrating in streets. Possible…….

Bollywood celebrates World Cup win